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Tyre Pressure: 1. The working pressure of tyres should be in accordance with the current national standard and the intended application;

2. It is necessary to regularly inspect for air leakage, treating any leakage in a timely manner;

3. Ensure that dual tyres and coaxial tyres are maintained at the same pressure;

4. The spare tyre should be regularly inspected and maintained in a usable state

Proper Tyre Inflation: Proper inflation ensures tyre tread remains fully in contact with the road surface, improving traction, breaking performance and safety;

Tyre Care Techniques: 

1. If the vehicle is operated at high speed for a long distance, it should be stopped periodically to allow tyre heat to dissipate. Do not spray with cool water to reduce heat.

2. The vehicle should avoid sudden acceleration, emergency brake and sharp turns;

3. Take care to prevent excessive speeds and overloading;

4. A retreaded tyre should not be used as steering tyre to ensure security of the vehicle;